Workout at Home

Working out at home or in the gym

There are pros and cons for exercising at home.


1. You spare time. Instead of spending time to get to the gym

2. You can train every time you want

3. No membership fee

4. If you’ve kids or a family member you’ve to take care of it is possible to do some stuff without leaving the house



1. There are probably a lot of other things you could do. What keeps you away from exercising

2. Your family or partner could keep you away or disturb your focus

3. Lots of self discipline is necessary to avoid the „do it tomorrow“ mentality

4. More focus in the gym. Being in a different atmosphere let your mind flow. Out of the daily box. Especially, in case you have a home office

5. You can train with a training partner in the gym

6. Meeting other people

7. More different equipment which makes your workouts more interesting and more effective in the gym

8. You can do your training on the way to your job or on the way back. As you know once we are at home we get tired

9. Spending money on equipment

As you can see there are more cons (or pros to join a gym). At the end it is individual. Everybody has his likes and schedule. Most important is to do something for your heart and fitness no matter where…

Simply fit,