Night Time Eating

Why we do it and what to do…

I don’t talk about too much or „wrong“ food at dinner. I’m talking about the snacks directly after the main meal.

All of us know the situation. All day long we got it work to eat healthy and balanced but at night we are tempted to overeat. We just finished the last bite of our dessert but still having appetite. We are already full but by some reason not really satisfied.
So we are doing frequent trips to the kitchen and eating one snack after another.

There are several reasons. We are in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoying the downtime after work. Tasty snacks often are part of that and they are easy available at home.
Another reason or additional reason can be a starving caused by to less food over the day. Once you started eating it’s often hard to stop if you consumed only a small amount of your daily demand. The risk of overeating is high.

Here are some ideas/tricks to avoid „oversnacking“ after dinner:

1. Simply, but just don’t have it at home. If there is a food or treat to tempting to eat leave it out of the house. Or store it anywhere you do not have easy access too. E.g. in the basement or in your car. The most dangerous place is the fridge or the pantry.

2. Do not store a big range and amount of different snacks. The more different ones you have available the more is the likelihood to overeating. You know if you only have one choice you get bored after some pieces.

3. Don’t start very hungry your dinner. Make sure that you eat enough over the day. You won’t eat boundless.

4. Doing the dishes right after the big meal. That keeps you away from further eating. As long as you don’t start eating the leftovers.

5. Prepare your food for the next day. Why not making your sandwiches for the following day?! Again don’t snack by the way the half of the sandwiches you’re preparing.

6. Go for a short walk. Only a few minutes out of the house can help you to stay away. You’ll feel the sensation of fullness and your blood sugar level will get in the regular level.

7. Brush your teeth directly after the dinner. After brushing you won’t start eating again. Or chew a gum.

8. Build a habit while you relax which doesn’t allow eating. Choice number one is kissing. The best it even burns calories. So go for it…

Simply fit,


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